It's Simple: Spread the word & EARN
DUX Influencer Program gives you an opportunity to earn from your contacts.
Tell your contacts about DUX - the most effective (and affordable!) teaching solution for the kids and earn bonus for every user who joins through your personal link


Get your personal customized link to track your referrals


Earn INR 500 for every user who joins the platform using your link


Your referrals also get 10% off on their fee when they join using your link
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Frequently asked questions
How will you know that a user has come through me?
You get your own personalized invite link. When anyone uses your link to book a free trial class on the platform, our system automatically maps them to you.

When do I get paid?
You get paid on the completion of the following two events
  1. Your referral enrols for a batch after taking a trial by paying the fee in advance
  2. The user completes 2 months on the platform
The amount will be settled to your bank account

What are some quick tips to spread the word?
Join our telegram channel [click on this link to join the channel]. You will get access to our creatives repository that you can share on your whatsapp status, social media handles along with your personalised invitation link
Know More About DUX
[Tuitions for Class 5 to 12]

Monthly Subscription Plans

No need to commit for a year or multiple years. Pay your fee on a monthly basis and don't burn a hole in your pocket. Our subscription starts at INR 750 per month

Live & Interactive Classes

All our classes are live & Interactive - the teacher and students can see & talk to each other. Doubt solving is real time. Experience the real classroom at DUX!

Max 10 students

There are a maximum of 10 students in every class. This ensures that the students get enough attention from the teacher

Practice & More Practice

There is a lot of focus on practice through daily classwork, homework and assignments. The classwork is checked live, in front of the students. Making live classes really live!

Follows School Syllabus

The state of the art tech platform curates a session plan that best represents the school syllabus. Students are prepared for unit tests and mid term exams as well


While the students get feedback on a monthly basis, we also take feedback from the students.

Did you know our average session rating is 4.8 out of 5? Talk about the love from students!